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Complaint by: vivianne on April 19, 2011, 12:11 am in Lawyers and Attorneys

!!!!!!!!!!!ATTORNEY GARRY L JONES IS A TOTAL SCAMMSTER AND WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY WHILE LEADING YOU INTO A LOAN MODIFICATION RIP-OFF. How it works is an in-take lady will prep you for a bunch of legal munbo jumbo and get you to pay an advance fee for a loan modification, or delay foreclosure , or delay eviction . It is just a ploy to STEAL YOUR MONEY . Don't fall for it. It is just throwing your money away. You end up evicted and out thousands of dollars.

This scum bag con artist rip off has been disiplined by the state bar of california and has current charges against him from dozens of complaints from homeowners. The california ATTORNEY GENERAL is investigating Garry Lawrence Jones and his partner Nevine Carmelle for Real Estate Fraud involving forged deeds and mortgage fraud against lenders and banks.

If you are contacted by these criminals contact your local police department the countyand the district attorney fraud division for orange county ca. they are looking for more victims so they can put them in jail.

also notify the state bar of california and department of real estate consumer affairs.


my family lost over $5000 and lost our home. This Garry Jones is a very dishonest person who with his fiance NEVINE CARMELLE will steal your money. Do not give out your credit card # s or title to your real estate.

Complainant's Goal: Stop theft of client funds, rip off of clients
Complainant's Target: GARRY L JONES ATTORNEY
Complaint Location: IndiaIrvine

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Tue, 28 Feb 2012  craigsmetna

stanley d bowman corrupt attorney out of redondo beach california has been convicted of loan fraud and bankruptcy fraud along with his co-conspirator nina tadrous aka nevine carmelle the notorious king and queen of FRAUD duo.

STANLEY D BOWMAN is to serve his sentence at the FEDERAL CORRECTIONS FACILITY at terminal island. NINA TADRUOS Aka CARMELLE Aka KHALIL remains a fugitive. She has been known to frequent gay bars in the west hollywood area and is usually in drag with a updo hairstyle and large fake breast implants. He/she has been meeting men for the purpose of sex and has been known to rob them when they refuse to pay ( when they find out about the mixed genitilia)

Tue, 13 Dec 2011  tina maria

garry l jones has been seen at

23 antique rose irvine ca 92620 for any one interested in serving a summons for a class action lawsuit or to contact the police for his arrest warrants.

Wed, 27 Apr 2011  xavier gonzales

I was taken in by this disgusting loser attorney and his group of incompetent criminal con-artists. Now I owe my credit card company $5500 for services that did not help me at all. Just a bunch of papers off of the lazer printer i could have got in a do it your self book.

Then I get bombarded with legal papers from lenders I have no clue with what to do and Garry Lawrence Jones / Nevine Carmelle do nothing to help me. I tried to dispute the bogus charge with the credit card company and they say i may get a refund as they forged my signature on the credit card slip.

I gave the woman there my credit card and she said she would only check my available funds by actually she ran the card through their credit card terminal!!!!!!

My credit card company capital one refered the case for FRAUD INVESTIGATION. So, a few days later i got a call from Helen Kaufman, at the credit card clearing house and she assured me that my charge will be reversed.

I will be contacted about filing a CRIMINAL COMPLAINT for the forgery so this won't happen to others.

I was asked if I have any information on a JULIO DELGADO, MARY LIPPMAN, LEO DELGADO,KEN COUSINS who are co-conspiritors and DUSTIN I NICHOLS attorney who is also under investigation for FRAUD and FORGERY.

My new attorney checked and he says they have filed bankruptcy so not to pay their landlord in irvine and also to delay their eviction. Also they don't want to refund the money for the credit card fraud.

These thieves will soon be sharing a jail cell with MADOFF in the FEDERAL CORRECTIONS FACILITY where they will not have access to phones and internet. During their incarceration maybe we will get some rest from their bogus mailings and ads on craigslist luring people into this consumer rip-off.