agricultur - Fraud played by one Mr. Chowdappa to cheat money.
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Complaint by: on October 30, 2014, 11:13 pm in Business and Finances

Complaint against a person who has cheated me by way of signing differently in documents & lying that he has not signed at all.
Name of the accused:
Mr. Chowdappa
s/o Chowdamma
Thondebhavi Hobli,
Gowribidanur dist.
I, Srikanth Acarya aged 47 years S/o Late P.K Acharya residing at # 967, Padmasri Nilaya, J.C.Circle, Doddaballapur complaining against one Mr. Chowdappa s/o Chowdamma, Bilechikkanahalli, Thondebhavi Hobli, Gowribidanur dist. for a fraud played by him.
I was working as a K.G.I.D.Surveyor at Bangalore & Due to my family reasons I happened to shift to Doddaballapur in the year of 2011. As Bangalore is 40 kms away from our place, it was difficult to continue my profession in this small town. I recently sold my ancestor’s property & got some money within which I wanted to do some small business. I was very much interested in agriculture. My friend is having tissue culture lab at Padubidri, Udupi dist. He was prompting me to cultivate banana. As I haven’t have land I thought of leasing a land to grow banana. In this attempt I leased out 4 acre land near Bilechikkanahalli, Thondebhavi hobli in Gowribidanur district. This was negotiated by the agents for a half yearly lease for Rs. 60,000/- which was convinced by the broker Mr. Murthy as if it is a very lucrative deal. The owners were three brothers named Krishna Reddy, Jayaram Reddy & Chandra Reddy. One Mr. Chowdappa, who was staying near the land, came forward to take care of the crops. I believed him & trusted his wordings & started investing on the land. I didn’t know that he is going to knot me. I bought 5,000 plants & ploughed the land. Then Chowdappa told me & convinced me by taking to his brother –in laws house near Hindupur that mulberry growing is better project & he promised me of getting me the profit as he already planned to grow these. As he had given me in writing of getting the profit as he knows the subject silk worm growing completely I thought of investing on it & kept 2 acre land out of 4 for mulberry growth. He also asked me to buy a small plot near the land for shed. I agreed & It is around 1 to 1.5 lakhs. Once if the production starts within a year I thought I would get back this money and also there is a subsidy he told of getting me for Rs. 1 lakh. I agreed to do so. He promised me that he is getting a small plot say 1 kunta land near his house. But till all other investments like financing for the plants, cultivation he was keep on saying that it he is negotiating the price for that plot to purchase. Once all the investments over on plantation including his land 1.5 acre he started telling that the owner of the land is not willing to sell the land. I was shocked. But he gave a solution that he wished to lease his land for me in writing to build a shed. I believed to his colouring words of getting back my investment I agreed & made an agreement & invested for the shed He also wrote that he will be giving the subsidy whichever getting in his/ his mother’s name. After starting the building it started increasing the amount inflow for completion than my budget say 1.5 lakhs. All my money consumed & I borrowed some hand loan to complete the shed. He impressed me by saying that he would give back the shed value if i don’t want to continue in any time. It was finally arrived at 4 lakh rupees to complete the mulberry shed. At this period I couldn’t even concentrate on banana plants. I was giving regular manures. He was watering the plants through drips form the bore of the landlord. I wanted to earn back my money through mulberry as I was under loss. It was the only way to earn my amount in a short span of time. I wanted to give him either some salary or some benefit out of my profit. Initially I told him to grow short term crops between banana plants for which I have spent some money & I was paying salary for that. But later he started neglecting the crops & making me loss convincing me that the soil is not good. Then I stopped paying him. He was saying me that he is under heavy tension that he is owing some money to somebody & paying interest for that. & he asked me to fulfil his needs so that he will be free from his tensions. He asked me for some hand loan which he wanted to release his wife’s Mangalya sutra from Muthoot Finance, Gowribidanur branch. I was asking security for the amount Rs. one lakh twenty five thousand asked by him. He then pledged me one document pertaining to one land at survey number 240, Hudgur village D playa hobli, Gowribidanur dist. The land was documented to his mother’s (Chowdamma’s) name. He showed all the documents & convinced me that the said land will be in his mother’s name next week as he has submitted all the documents to the Taluk Office Gowribidanur. He made a sale deed & signed by all his family members & gave me. Hence I paid him the amount Rs. 1,40,000 one lakh forty thousand (25,000 one time & 1,40,000 to Muthoot finance) & cleared his loan. After that I stopped giving money to him. I didn’t ask him any interest on that. Later he started playing with me. In the month of may shed is completed & he started his play that he made continuasly loss in all the batch of mulberry work bluffing different stories to make & made me upset. I was very much sad about his fraud played with my money. TO cove this loss I appointed a new labour for this work in the month of October & the new labour did excellent work & I got a very good yield & I was expecting a good profit. By knowing this he made defects in the final stage & the eggs became small. Then I realised that he is intentionally making me losses continuously to acquire the shed. When I got upset he came to me & told in the month of November 2013 that I would take care of getting the profit in mulberry as well as banana he would take care. He also agreed to work for free & like to share the profit as I was not having money to pay him. Hence I reduced calling him & rarely visiting to the land. Meantime he stopped watering to banana plants as well as mulberry saying that bore is not working. He wanted to complete his & land lords base work to make me to run out of the area without taking any profit & losing all investments there itself for the benefit of him & the landlords. It was landlord’s duty to get the water continuously from the bore as per our agreement. but they said their cables were burnt as the culprit chowdappa was directing the current connections. I saw this banana crops were drying I requested the land lord to repair the bore for which they threatend me to quit the land. I objected & gave a police complaint but it was not successful. Mr. Chowdappa cheated me in this way. He is continuasly telling me of giving back my investments along with the subsidy as he promised. But till date he is not receiving my calls. His sale deed agreement is lapsed & I was continuously asking hi m to get a new fresh agreement for which he is again & again promising of doing it but till date not done so. I consulted with an advocate & he sent a notice asking him to register the land for which he threatened the advocate lying that he has not signed any documents to me & he will say that his signature is forged by somebody. Really this fellow signed differently in each documents the copy of which enclosed. I am afraid of this fraudulent played by him. Hence I kindly request you to arrest him for the forgery acted by him and lying now to cheat me. Please give me justice.
With regards

Srikanth Acharya

Complainant's Goal: To rectify the fraud played by the culprit
Complainant's Target: agricultur
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaKolar

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