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Complaint by: rajeev on May 18, 2012, 12:25 am in Lawyers and Attorneys

I would like to draw attention towards a gang of unscrupulous and unprincipled advocates namely P.K Bhardwaj at C105 C.L joseph block, tees hazari courts, delhi, Rajeev Aggarwal at C 79 C. L joseph Block Tees hazari courts, delhi and Ganga Prasad Aditya at Seat N. 12 Treasury wall, Tis hazari courts, delhi who misguide and misrepresent their innocent clients and even go to the extent of blackmailing and extorting them just for extracting huge amounts of money through them. The gang of money minded lawyers create a regime of terror in the minds of innocent clients towards the criminals, instead of fighting against the criminals, just to blackmail innocent clients and derive money through them. Such lawyers are a shame to their profession as they misuse the vulnerability of their clients and misguide them and also support criminals as they create a threat in the minds of innocent and guiltless clients, extract huge sums of money and get the legal cases settled illegally by paying a little sum to the criminals from the huge sum extracted out of misguidance and blackmailing.As these lawyers are causing a big damage to the legal structure, society and innocent clients, I request a strict action against such unscrupulous and money minded lawyers who weigh money much more than their profession, ethics and good will.

Complainant's Goal: i want recovery and justice
Complainant's Target: P.K bhardwaj and associates
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhi

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