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Complaint by: nitin on October 1, 2010, 10:17 pm in Building and Construction

Respected Mr. Jamil khan
Cc: Mr. Naveen pratap Singh

Myself Nitin jain, customer of your project SAMIAH GARDEN CITY, HAPUR, flat number C1-207 flat booked in the name of Nitin jain/ Trapti jain.

As you know that your project is almost dead in condition and no construction is going on presently .As per your possession letter you are suppose to deliver the flat in oct. 2010 with six month gress period and after that company has to pay penalty to the customer.
I have booked a flat under return rent scheme therefore company has to pay 3000 rupees per month for rent. But unfortunately your all rent cheques have bounced so many time, To resolve this issue company make a credit note of Rs 50000 subject to adjustment at the time of possession in car parking and club membership. I can understand the builder problem but builder should also understand customer problem.
I want to say only one thing that I never met you but know you through your senior management staff.
This is very shameful but true that because of your management staff Mr. sagir khan, your reputation as well as company reputation is becoming doubtful.
I understand that you are a genuine builder but Today (oct. 1st 2010) experience with Mr. Sagir khan is again very disgusting.
The exact word which Mr. sagir khan used to me on phone and also with another customer, I’m sharing with you.
He say’s to me and give harassment
1. Who you are, even you can not enter in the samiah office.
2. Whatever you wants to do, do it. I’ll not give the possession of flat to you and your money will not be returned even if you cancelled the flat.
3. You booked an only 11 lac rupees flat and you think that you are the boss of the samiah.
4. You can go legally and do whatever you want. Your credit note and your flat will be cancelled. Samiah will not give you any thing. Collect all customers and make the union also.
5. You become a builder.
6. you’re nothing
If your company management talk to the customer like this then your reputation as well as company reputation will become suspicious which I think is not correct.
Sir only your new management staff Mr. Naveen Singh gives the awareness that you’re really a genuine person but after this incident you have to take serious action against Mr. Sagir Khan.
Hoping that corrective action will be taken and apprised to me.
Nitin Jain

Complainant's Goal: to solve the problem
Complainant's Target: flat purchase
Complaint Location: IndiaNoida

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