M s Verisign Inventures Pvt. Ltd. - First Interest and now Principal amount not received.
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Complaint by: mohant on September 28, 2013, 12:36 pm in Banking and Finance

I, Mohan Tahiliani, deposited Rs.1,05,000 in three instalments in the Bank A/c of M/s Verisign Inventures Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai on interest and my wife, Jyoti Tahiliani, deposited Rs.2,25,000 in five instalments in the Bank A/c of M/s Verisign Inventures Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, on interest. All the deposits were made from Nagpur, Maharashtra. Previously for 2-3 months we received regularly the interest on our amount from the said company. Suddenly the company described their inability to pay the interest on our amount and called us for surrendering the one sided agreement made by the company. We proceeded in the office of M/s Verisign Inventures Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai and surrendered the EIGHT agreements made by the company, to the company. And in lieu of those agreements, the company issued EIGHT cheques totalling Rs.3,30,000/- dated 09/04/2011 of HDFC BANK, Malad East Branch, Mumbai, signed by their director Mr. Sunil Joshi. The full and final settlement agreement was signed by their director Mr. Devang Kakkad.

Then continuously we were requested that we should wait for depositing the given cheques because of the shortage of funds. Ultimately, after waiting one more month, we deposited the cheques in our bank but sorry to say all the eight cheques were bounced due to insufficient funds in company's bank account.

After bouncing of our cheques, we tried to contact on the given numbers of the company but all the telephone connections were disconnected. Then we wrote Registered A.D. letters to the company but there was no recipient. Then some one told us they have closed their office and all the directors are absconding.

Then we approached to the consumer forum. But our case against the fraudulent said company, is yet to be admitted. The reply we received that our case against the fraudulent company shall be admitted in Mumbai ONLY.

Sir/Madam, I am 68 years old and cannot go to Mumbai now and again to register my case over there.

I request your goodself, to help us in getting us our principal amount from the fraudulent company.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Sincerely Yours,

(Mohan Tahiliani)

Complainant's Goal: We want our principal amount back from the company.
Complainant's Target: M/s Verisign Inventures Pvt. Ltd.
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtraNagpur
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