Tata Docomo Tech Profuse Pvt Ltd - Faulty / Non compatible Dongle sold by Tata Docomo
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Complaint by: shekarnee1 on August 6, 2012, 7:22 pm in Consumer Electronics

Hi, My name is Chandrashekar Sethuraman. I purchased on July 29, 2012 a dongle Tata Photon+ EC156 from Tech Profuse Pvt Ltd (Mr. Naresh) who came to my residence and got the #********28 registered. When this dongle/data card got connected to my laptop as he did some initial setup, I told him clearly stating that I wish that this dongle should get connected to my BSNL Penta Tablet IS703C (per specification from Pantel Technologies this dongle supports this tablet), Mr. Naresh was not able to connect but informed me stating that one of the technical person would come to my place to fix this issue the next day (July 30, Monday) and since then till today the technical people are unable to even listen or able to resolve this issue but simply blaming stating that there is a problem with my tablet and said that this dongle doesn't support this tablet. When I called Pantel Technologies they say that this dongle definitely supports this tablet as many customers are already using it and later the technical people from Tata Docomo are claiming stating that it will support in Andhra Pradesh and giving such silly excuses. I also have been approaching the Tata Docomo organization for at least give me a refund as I was that the money would be refunded within 10 days of purchase and if there is something wrong in terms of either it being fault or not supporting the tablet. Also, I received on Friday (Aug. 3), from Tata Docomo an email in which they mentioned that they would resolve this issue and make sure that the money is refunded (this part was verbally mentioned to me by the representative when he talked with me over phone, Mr. Manikantan) on Aug. 3 later in the evening. Also, I was told that some action would be initiated against Mr. Naresh for providing me wrong information and selling a product which doesn't work.

Today (Aug.6), the representative from Tata Docomo Mr. Santhosh calls me and says that they cannot do anything in this regard as the product cannot be taken back by the dealer and the amount cannot be refunded and also went to the extent of saying that Mr. Naresh has informed me that there will not be once the product is sold cannot be taken back and no money would be refunded. I was not informed about this by Mr. Naresh and it is so shocking that an organization like Tata Docomo can go to this lowest level of cheating its customers for an amount of Rs. 1200 and not providing proper technical guidance and putting the blame on someone else product (tablet in this case). If Tata Docomo feels that this is how they wish to earn money by cheating its customers, let it be so and I feel that it is one of the cheapest tactic to earn money and come up in life. I feel so ashamed that I went with a company which I thought has earned its name in a good way but it is so shocking to know as to how Tata Docomo is getting its name, that is by CHEATING its customers and not trying to help or support them when they require their help.

Chandrashekar Sethuraman
Voice: +91 99890 18765

Complainant's Goal: I wish to get the refund and not continue anymore with Tata Docomo
Complaint Location: IndiaAndhra Pradesh
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