Shubham kumar - Faulty Suzuki gixxer 155 bike with faulty engine sold to me by suzuki dealership
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Complaint by: Shubham kumar on November 22, 2015, 11:31 pm in Cars Parts and Vehicles

I am from Patna, Bihar
I have purchased suzuki gixxer 155 blue
from capital suzuki patna, on the date of purchase the sales rep and other staffs verbally forced me to purchase the only blue gixxer there , i was thinking for other color. In the midst of excitement i missed this fishy act that they were doing, however after owning the bike for four months i regret on my purchase.
They sold me a gixxer of which the engine was heating from the beginning, i even lodged a complaint few weeks within my purchase but i was told it was a servicing issue, so i got it serviced right away, the performance reduced drastically after the servicing and 30% of the heating issue was gone, however it was still heating but i was told because it was a new bike so it was happening.
Now after owning the bike for 4 months i can say that my inner gut feeling was right and i have been cheated by your officials.
Now the problems of the bike
1. It drinks petrol like 250cc bike giving an average of just 30kmpl.
2.Speed, No matter what you do and how much you stretch the accelerator you wont cross 95 kmph mark.
3.engine makes lots of noises and vibrations above 60kmph.
4. Sound of exhaust is very flaky compared to other gixxers.
5. Even though my bike only 4 months old and 3810km driven it looks more than a year old(shine of color is lost)
6. Rear brake is not good compared to other gixxer even after servicing.
7. It is facing rusting issues all over,even though the bike has been purchased after monsoon and had been in garage most of the time and had faced rain only 7-8 times till now.
8. The petrol filler cap does not snug/fit properly , it takes lot of effort to fit it and the key is also very tight.
9.The bike with pilion touches a little high bumpers easily even after adjusting the shockers.

Well I guess that would be enough for you all to understand whats going on with me,
After putting so much money into this bike, i am just an average college goer from middle class family and had bought this bike after a lot of research from internet and friends, riding friends gixxers.

I have written this after reviewing my friends gixxer and other gixxer owners and handing my gixxer to them and almost all of them said that my gixxer pickup was nowhere near theirs.
Few things can be fixed in my bike but i am sure of one thing that the engine is faulty and i request you to look into my issue. My bike no. is BR01CM0714

Complainant's Goal: I don't want money, i still love my friends gixxer , i want my bike changed
Complainant's Target: Shubham kumar
Complaint Location: IndiaBiharPatna
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