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Complaint by: Vivekgarg96 on August 25, 2016, 11:52 pm in Internet Related

My complain is regarding the online registration process of MSME.

There is a website called which is posing as the government official website and is promising to generate registration certificate immediately. They are charging Rs. 1481 for this.

many first time users like us are thinking that it is government fees for registration and we are paying it. But later we are realising that we have been cheated by the website because the registration process is free on the government website.

They have exactly the same form in their website as there is in the government website. What they are doing is just transferring the data that we fill in their website to the government website. And in return they are charging Rs. 1481. We could do it ourself for free in the government website.

They have given advertisement in google so they their website is right on the top. So people are fooled and they are thinking it is the official registration website.

Please do something about this.


Complainant's Goal: Seek a refund and ban the website -
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Complaint Location: IndiaJharkhand

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