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Complaint by: rajkumar on November 3, 2016, 6:52 pm in Internet Related

three months before I was induced by vodafone advertisement in my phone messages stating that they are giving free 4G device if one puchases their plan. I was tempted to approach a Vodafone Gallery at Borivali and when I enquired about the scheme the sales man induced to purchase a scheme which gave 8 GB internet and asked me to pay Rs.2400/- for the instrument.
I paid the sum immediately in cash and when I opted for a prepaid connection they told me that can be done only after a period of 3 months after getting a post paid connection.
I agreed and after paying the same when I came home and tried to connect the connection it could not connect and after two days again I visited the Borivali vodafone centre and then they told me that now the matter has been resolved and I could get internet connection.
Thereafter I was shocked to receive a message after one or two days stating that my internet consumption is over and if I wanted I have to top up further internet connection for which I have to pay extra amount. I was helpless and as such agreed to pay a further sum of Rs.450 for top up.
I was further shocked to see that my internet consumption is over after a period of one day. I could not realise that vodafone is cheating me. I paid the entire amount and told them to convert the same to prepaid connection. However they told me that this could be done after completion of three months. I waited for another month. Same thing happened once again. That I hardly used and a message reflected on my computer screen that that my internet consumption is over.
I again approached the Vodafone Gallery and told them to check what is wrong with the device but they gave evasive reply and said that I had used the entire quota provided under the scheme.
I was frustrated and hence requested them that I wanted to stop the connection. However they adivsed me that if I stopped the connection the instrument which they had given me would be wasted as they won't take back their instrument.
I state that feeling duped my them by giving a device known as alcatel they have sold a product of china to me which I didn't knew when I had purchased the same. I was kept in dark and was told that it is a vodafone product.
I say that after making the entire amount I opted for the lowest option of Rs.250/- scheme and they told me that you come on 7th of the coming month as my cycle period is 7th of every month.
I say that subsequently I approached them on 7th of the month and accordingly they changed my plan to the lowest plan. Thereafter till date I did not use the device nor did I allowed anyone to use or to switch on the device. I say that an mount of Rs 1700/- + was shown as outstanding and i visited the gallery of vodafone to meet the exceutive to complaint against this excessive billing. I was give a token number of 216 and I met the executive. He told me that your device has been used to the extent of 1.7 GB and I have to pay the amount. I told him to immediately disconnect my services. However he told me to complaint through email at vodafone and hence this complaint.

Complainant's Goal: That the excess bill amount may be withdrawn forthwith and to repay the amountme
Complainant's Target: advocate, mumbai high court
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtraMumbai

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