Sky lark consultancy - Employeement Cheating
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Complaint by: Bhargav on February 2, 2019, 8:21 pm in Others

Iam BHARGAV completed my dream to work in abroad so imet a person called muddadha Laxman, who is relative of my classmate. On 2018 April imet him and discussed about Singapore, after 4days he called and offer a job in Singapore and he told that there will an interview after successful completion of that u will got offer letter and visa .He told it need 15-45days to get visa.initially he took 4k for medical test then he told u have to pay 2lak as processing fee but to start the process he demand half of the amount.I told iam not affort to give half amount ican pay only 25k in before. Finally I paid 25k .from that day to Dec ididnt get visa and finally I aurge with him and get 19000 back from him with the help of my friend, who is relative of victim.
Stillineed to get 6000+4000/-

Complainant's Goal: Arrest these kind of cheaters and protect society by awareness
Complainant's Target: Sky lark consultancy
Complaint Location: IndiaAndhra Pradesh
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