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Complaint by: pranablodh on November 17, 2010, 11:15 am in Internet Related

My name is Pranab Kumar Lodh, an indian resident, email id: i received email about coco cola promotion winning and it said it was from London. I got call from ISD CODE: +44, the number is +447010044674, and said congratulation to me about winnings and said that diplomat will come to India and he will contact me for further process. Again email came to me with details of diplomat arriving in india to deliver the check to me. I got the call from diplomats no in india: +919967943597. He told me that he is in mumbai airport and custom clearance is necessary and payment is to be done by me. he asked me to pay Rs. 25000 for custom clearance i replied that i dont have such big money so he called me after half hour and said that he has managed Rs, 15000 and i should send him Rs. 10500 only. He smsed me the Account Name and Account No of the person in which he asked meto deposit. Acct Name is RAJU LAI, Acc No: 20073287411 SBI ACCOUNT in INDIA MUMBAI, and he said that this account no is in mumbai India. He also made me to speak with a lady with indian land line telephone no from where that lady spoke to me is +912232717626 whom he said that she was a custom officer. That lady told me to send the amount and called me again and again to send the money and that the Diplomat is sitting in his office. I really was a fool. I sent Rs. 10500 by depositing in the bank account no mentioned above. Then that lady and him told me that after my depositing the amount he will scan the customs clearance receipt and mail me. which he did but he sent an additional form and asked me to fill it and send him back with fee of Rs. 98000 INR for anti terroist clearance. My mind shocked on reading the mail and i was confirmed that i was made fool to send that amount of Rs, 10500/- he again and again called me to send the form which i replied that dont call me neither email me and i will not send any more form nor any money to him. He said that ok just send the form and i will see what i can do to reduce the amount. I replied that i wont send any money and he told me that he will send me an email and me to read it but he didnot send any more mail to me. Till now he is call me with the no mentioned above but i am ignoring it.

Diplomats name as mentioned to me is: Gordon owen
his email id:
Please be ware of this mail id.

The first mail was from that i received was mentioned:
Mr. Collin Powell
EU Directorate. 2nd. Floor, Old University Building . St Paul ’s Street. NEWCASTLE . UNITED KINGDOM

TEL: +44 701 051 3915

I was a complete fool to loss Rs. 10500 and i urge to everybody never ever to fall prey to such criminals. i am from a poor family and i borrowed Rs. 10500 from someone and now i dont know that from where i will repay. Please help me sothat i can get my money back. Is there any way that i can get my money back.

Pranab Kumar Lodh.

Complainant's Goal: Criminal should be behind bars. is there any way i can get my money back?
Complainant's Target: NIL
Complaint Location: IndiaASSAM

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Sun, 10 Jul 2011  Arun Belwar

I 2 got the same message.