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Complaint by: Sundara Iyer on April 11, 2012, 10:27 am in Ebay Scams

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Wanted to share my horrific experience with ebay india, to caution other online customers.

1) Purchased Blackbery device from Seller=mobmantra1 - PaisaPay ID 30920393844 on 23Feb2012
2) Exchanged emails with seller, who confirmed on email tht the device is genuine and new in original blackberry packing
3) Received product after a week, th eproduct was not what the seller had promised to ship.
4) Under the ebay.in guarantee, I raised claim # 81605 on 09Mar2012.
5) No action from ebay.in for 2 weeks. I then called up customer support - they said they will escalate this to their claim department.
6) The seller called in the meantime and agreed that I should send the product back to him and he would instruct ebay.in to refund my money.
7) Deafening silence from ebay.in. Abruptly the status of the Claim is changed to Closed stating that the buyer has asked to close the claim - blatantly false. On calling ebay customer support I learn that the status change has been done by Nilesh Tambe.I call ebay cutomer support on 24March and I also drop ebay india an email - no response
8) I call up ebay customer support again on 04Apr2012, they patch me up to Ravindra Pandey. This gentleman looks at the system and keeps repeating that the buyer has asked to close the claim. I refute this. Then Ravindra says possibly someone else answered my mobile when Nilesh Tambe called and gave consent - this is rubbish, I always answer my own mobile calls.I tell him that I am not satisfied with the redressal and want to escalate to the head of ebay India - he refuses to give me the details and instead asks me to drop another email to which ebay india would respond to .He also says that they will retrieve the call details that Nilesh Tambe purportedly made to me and verfify.
9) There has been no response to my emails.

This is a blatant scam from ebay india - they make rosy claims on their website about safeguarding buyers under the guarantee. They just rip off people. There is zilch accountability. They just take customers for granted and take people for a ride.

I hope the govt agencies do something to penalise ebay india to stop such blatant misuse of the ecommerce platform in India. It is ironic that ebay india claims to be an evangelist of ecommerce in India - they actually practice just the opposite - this does not bode well for the Indian ecommerce space.

I hope established palyers like Amazon commence direct busness in India soon and wipe out the fradulent companies. I make online purchases on Flipkart, letsbuy and have had no issues with them.

Thanks / Sundara Iyer

Complainant's Goal: redressal from ebay India
Complainant's Target: ebay India
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnataka

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Sun, 25 Jan 2015  Vinay Singhvi

My name is Vinay Singhvi. I had ordered Microsoft Lumia 535 from Ebay on 25th Dec 2014 and i got the delayed delivery on 2nd Jan 2015. When i switched on the phone on 3rd Jan 2015 found that the top of the phone is getting heated very soon, hence switched off the phone and removed the battery for sometime, when i after some while i inserted the battery and tried switching on the phone. The phone was not getting switched on and the top of phone was getting heated. I called up Ebay but they didnt helped and asked me to contact the seller Electronic Seller for the issue, i did it but they also didnt helped and asked me to contact Ebay for the same. Again when contacted Ebay then they asked to follow with Nokia Care Centre for the issue and get the DOA as the prod is under manufacturer warranty. When Nokia Care Centre didnt provide me the DOA as they had 4 days policy and then Ebay has asked me to get the same repaired from them. I asked Ebay that the phone which i never used then why i have to repair but they didnt helped, i was left with no option and hence asked Nokia people to check. Nokia people checked and denied that the prod cant be repaired under warranty because the phone is damaged from inside and hence Ebay would only do so. But Ebay people havent revert or assisting me to get the issue resolved or get my money back. I have been chasing Ebay and also calling them again and again and also written them many but they didnt solved my query. My all SR raised has been rejected by them and didnt try to contact or solve my query.