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Complaint by: Syed mohammed hussain Hussain on April 12, 2018, 1:38 pm in Others

My self syed mohammed hussain
Iam one of the employe in hero fincorp .prevoiusly i had work in hero fin crop in hero showroom for 20days ..
One of my senior employee had treated me like a office boy
I did n't like the way the had treated me that's why i had droped frome the job and they didn't given me the salary and while iam asking the salary of 20 days which i had worked with them they are creating romers...
Why the hero employes are treating like that???
Whats the reason can i know sir???

Complainant's Goal: Behivour of senior employes and salary problem
Complainant's Target: Hero FinCorp
Complaint Location: IndiaAndhra Pradesh
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