Dayalbagh Cooperative Housing Society Regn No 1233 - Dayalbagh Cooperative Housing Society Regd No 1233 has its own rules
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Complaint by: Raj on October 2, 2013, 6:42 pm in Building and Construction

Dayalbagh Cooperative Housing Society (Regd No 1233 dtd 19.9.1955) was formed by a group of people who follow Radhasoami faith. We applied and we were allotted with a house. Lease deeds were given but the house was not registered on our name i.e. the stamp duty to the government has not been paid. House Tax and Electricity bills and maintenance charges we have been paying since last 5 years. The main problem here is they have their own rules and due to group-ism here they do unwanted activities even manhandling children, threatening by the security guards and few other things too. For these things as you have already said in one case that we have to take help of the police. But for doing nothing we once received one notice from Chairmain of the society that we have threatened someone to kill and they mentioned that we will be charged with criminal acts and all. They directed us to report to a panel made by the Chairman Now another issue is they have formed another committee named Radhanagar Welfare committee and they transfer funds to them. This committee is now spending the money. The Chairman of the society is not from the colony and he stays away. One more thing is there are 72 houses in the colony but around 250 people claim to be the members of Dayalbagh Cooperative Housing Society. The members who have not been allotted houses in the colony interfere in the matters and in fact creating antisense here. The Chairman of the Society himself was not allotted with the house here. These people are on good profile at this place and the residents need their favours so they support him. Lastly initially we were getting maintenance receipt from Dayalbagh Cooperative Housing Society but now they have started giving the receipts in which they have cut the Dayalbagh Cooperative Housing Society name with pen and write Radhanagar welfare committee. The scanned copy of the receipt is attached. Secondly accountant is not signing the receipt. they have made few representatives including ladies and those people give written notices to us where Chairman is nowhere in picture. Recently i read in the newspaper and i have the newspaper cutting also that Uttar Pradesh govt has clearly said that the allotees of houses in the housing societies have to pay stamp duty individually and the houses must be registered on their names. In our case nothing is done. To conclude we are paying money but cant claim that its our house. Every now and then they threaten us that they will snatch our house. We both husband and wife are working and have to get up early in the morning and run. The somtimes impose rules like we have to park our car outside the colony in an unprotected open area for 9-10 days often during their religious functions. We are really depressed. Night time a group of people come and threaten us and we dont have the evidence. Please help. Now we really have to move ahead so please guide from where to start Rajkumar 9837707779

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