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Complaint by: arvinss on October 4, 2011, 1:17 am in Travel and Vacations

This is in relation to the Holiday Package that we had booked through your company. I am very disappointed to inform you that the tour package offered was just below average and didn't match to the reputation your company holds in planning holidays.
We booked Tour package for Thailand last month for 9 person but 1 cancelled. Our trip’s first destination was Phuket and we were supposed to visit Phi Phi Island at 7:30 Am on 8th of Aug. I also informed our Hotel reception at 6:45 in the morning to call us when cab arrive. At 7:30, I confirmed from the reception about the cab and they says no Cab come yet. I called Mr. Boy ( Contact person in Phuket ) at mobile No. 0890297813 ( Mobile call charges bill is Attached and time confirmation) which was given by Mr Boy on 7th of Aug to call for any problem and Cab confirmation at 8:10 am on 8th of Aug from hotel Room ( Mobile call charges bill is Attached and time confirmation) and he said he is on the way and will reach hotel in 1 or 2 minute. After 5 Minute, I again call Mr. Boy at 8:15 (Time Duration : 0:30 Second) and he said he is sending another cab as he has to go somewhere. After waiting 40 minute , Cab arrived and we left hotel for Phi Phi island but after 15 minute , a call came in Driver’s Mobile and he told that we can’t go to Phi Phi Island and he dropped us at Hotel. Then I called Mr. David at 0818064622 at 9:32 ( Mobile call charges bill is Attached and time confirmation )and he told me that My boy come at 7:30 and inform hotel reception about cab arrival but after waiting of 30 minutes , he returned back. I went reception counter and scold them for not informing about the Cab, then Reception lady told that there is no entry of Cab arrival from DS Travel in Front Guard Register. I called David again but he misbehaved me very much. Then I requested Reception manager to call him and tell about the facts but Mr. David also misbehaved them Also. I tried to convince Hotel manager to provide letter for this incident.

As we booked this Package through Cox & Kings Because we wanted world class services as our Group are businessman and want some vacation as Life was too much stressed. I know that Mr. Anubhav Gupta is the franchise owner of Cox & Kings and he is also a friend of my Group, So we contacted Mr. Anubhav Gupta and he confirmed about the Benefits if we booked through COX & KINGS . He Introduced us to Mr. Akhil (Branch Manager – cox & Kings) and he explained the Package. In the meanwhile Mr. Anubhav Gupta also agreed to join us in this tour.

After returned back to India We contacted Mr. Anubhav also a Eyewitness of this incident about help then he told me that he don’t want to involve in this issue. I called Mr. Anubhav Gupta & Mr. Akhil Mishra to resolve this issue but they says send the documents confirming about the genuinely of the case. On the same day I sent mail containing Scan copy of the latter which was draft by Hotel Manager mentioning the issue.

I Called so many times to Mr. Anubhav Gupta & Akhil Mishra, but they always ignored by saying that they sent mail and awaiting for response. After a rigorous follow-up I visited the office and told Mr. Anubhav Gupta that we are filing a Case against you and your company because even he also a part of the group and faced the problem , ignoring us and strongly told us that he will not help in this matter. As Mr. Anubhav Gupta is typical Businessmen and it has been approved by not cooperating us.

I am falling short of words to describe about the mess this package tour has made me to go through. I genuinely feel that my money and time have been wasted by choosing your holiday package. In the end, all I could expect from you is to stop promising something that you can't hold. I hope this type of blunder is never repeated with your other customers.

From our perspective, It was done in the starting of the Tour so this was not a holiday, but a very stressful experience that we would have done anything to avoid. In the circumstances, we do not feel that is unreasonable to expect a full refund of the money paid to you following your misrepresentation of what you were offering.

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