S S N Snooker Parlour Coaching Center - Complete waste of money-Join in at your own risk
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Complaint by: JD Akin on June 2, 2017, 11:57 am in Sports and Recreation

In spite of fees being taken in advance and knowledge that the student had a limited number of days to learn, the coach kept the student hanging regarding the timing and the date of the next coaching class.
The coach was willing to teach the student along-side his own family member who he was teaching for free on the paying student's time. When the student objected that this was not done, he started making regular excuses for not taking classes. He informed the changed timings of the classes arbitrarily and sometimes changed them at the last minute...sometimes, so early in the morning that the student barely woke-up and had to rush to the class because otherwise in the student's head the fees would get wasted.
It was daily torture and complete mental harassment planned and executed by a very sadistic coach and trying to learn snooker at SSN Snooker was a complete waste of money from the word-Go. Excuses for not taking classes ranged from 'being too-busy with child's admission to school' to 'child not being well' to 'not having time'. The only alternative offered was, 'you can come and practice by yourself anytime'.
I had given money to be coached in snooker, so my faults could be seen and corrected; not so that I practiced by myself. If I had to practice by myself and repeat errors, I could have gone to any pool parlour...I would not have enrolled for snooker coaching classes. In utter frustration and after family's advice, I left the coaching class and said I didn't need the money back. The response was, "You can learn whenever you want later".
Considering the daily drain of mental energy I suffered, I guess letting go of the fees was a thousand times easier than the thought of joining back such a centre with such sick-minded people running it. Join in at your own risk. I tried to post this on their Just Dial page, but wasn't allowed to because it's a paid-for service. No wonder the reviews are only glowing words of praise there.

Complainant's Goal: To prevent people from being duped and conned of their money.
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnataka
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