Future Generali Life Insurance Co. Ltd. - Complaint No. for Policy No.01253845 of Rs.1,13,000/- of Ms.Kamlesh Rustagi.
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Complaint by: Kamlesh Rustagi on February 19, 2016, 3:13 pm in Unsolicited Phone Calls

Grievance Officer, Ms.Savita Gupta, Request No. FLI 078321

This has reference to your e-mail on the subject. At the outset I would like to point out that my issue may be almost one year old and has not satisfactorily resolved and I wish to once again and state as under:-
That the subject Insurance Policy was sold to me telephonically by M/s.Prateek Mittal,m.no.********50,Rahul Rastogi, m.no. ********68, and verification staff Ms. Harshita, m.no.********57, by luring/offering and misrepresenting me that Rs.13 lacs.as dividend has accrued on account of my past Life Insurance Policy (Jeevan Anand) which they have found out from their internal sources, and have misrepresented ,misguided, cheated to sell this policy and fraudulently with intention to cheat me they have promised me that if I will buy this insurance policy they will arrange dividend of Rs. 13/- lacks after taking this insurance policy with the help of their good offices and influence. Relying on their representation I had issued the amount for policy out of my hard earned money which was got it collected from your agent.

Thereafter ,I went to Nainital with my entire family from 5th April to 24th April, 2015, and only on the return from Nainital when for the first time I saw the Insurance Policy and its terms and conditions which was totally different which M/s.Prateek Mittal and Rahul Rastogi mentioned to me on telephone and it was breach of trust and case of cheating . However I immediately, rushed to the nearest FG Office at sector 62, Noida and submitted the my application on 25th April, 2015, for the cancellation of the said Insurance Policy. The Branch Manager, Bijender Singh Chauhan told me that Madam Freelook Period of this Insurance Policy was lapsed by a week only. But, I repeatedly requested him that the Insurance Policy was sold fraudulently with false promises in order to extract money out of innocent customer under mis-selling to cause loss to me dishonestly and as such Freelook Clause is not applicable to me here and moreover I have further drawn his attention to glaring points /things in the said Insurance Policy:-

1. When Insurance Policy was sold under Fraudulent method your agent had introduced themselves as AB Brokers Agent and had made misreprestaion under mis-selling, therefore the clause of 15 days Freelook Period does not apply in this case moreover it had been brought to my notice only on 25th April 2015 when I immediately lodged the complaint
2. I have submitted my photo, account payee bank cheque, ID and Address Proof to the delivery boy which M/s. Prateek Mittal has sent to our house for the collection purpose. But, I wish to reiterate that no where on the application form I have signed, so my signatures on the application form is forged.
3. Mr.Prateek Mittal has taken me into confidence that you just say yes to the company verification staff and if you give another then answer you will loose your dividend amount. So, we were forced by him to follow his advice.
4. I am a housewife and non-working lady whereas in the application form my details are incorrectly and fraudulently mentioned as owner of Rustagi Exports Pvt. Ltd and I am doing this export business for the last 10 years which is totally wrong, false and fabricated and your verification staff be put to strict proof of same and call for scrutiny .
5.My signatures are forged and details are incorrectly mentioned and my husband who is retired from PSU Office is wrongly mentioned as his business income Rs.5,00,000/-.
6.I wish to plead to the company that my husband who has recently retired from PSU and has now acquired the status of Sr. Citizen. As a good gesture from the company, as a special case considering the detailed circumstances of harassment and fraud we have undergone Company should take early action . but one year has lapsed nothing has happened .
We are suffering from financial crisis also and early action in this regard is appreciated. You have also failed to disclose the benefit to be given under one time settlement .
Keeping in View ,You are requested to kindly cancel the above said Insurance Policy and arrange an early refund of Rs.1,13,000/- as this amount will help us in resolving our financial crisis.
Without prejudice to the above I further call upon you to disclose the true identity of person with full particulars of your company including issuing agent, verification staff and person processing the policy so that we can initiate criminal action against them

Thank you,

Kamlesh Rustagi
Address:B-198, Vivek Vihar, Delhi-110095

Complainant's Goal: Refund the entire money of Rs.1,13,000/- with nominal interest of last one year
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhi
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