Alpfly Private Ltd. - Company selling plans by hiding/ mis-stating details
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Complaint by: Aashi Khemka on September 15, 2017, 8:28 pm in Travel and Vacations


The company Alpfly sold a travel plan to me (buy 10 flight tickets to anywhere in India for Rs. 30k and valid for 1 year. There were several things which an ex-sales executive (Arya) had told me which later turned out to be false and now the company is not taking onus of any of these.

1. As per my communication with the sales executive, I understood that I would get 2 tickets for each Traveller in in month. But only after successful payment I became clear that the company policy is only 2 tickets per month.

2. I was informed that I would be getting flight options for a date of flight chosen and the company will surely give me a flight of my preferred time. But recently a friend of mine who had applied for the same package was given only a single option. Flight options means at least 2 or more flight in a single day. But by giving only one flight, it is not called option. It is forcefully implying to use the service or pay extra as per the market rate. My question is if I had to pay as per market rate why did I pay 30k upfront to Alpfly?

Also now I realize the company has an inventory and therefore my preferred timing is off the least importance to you. I booked 2 tickets with them under the impression that my timings will be taken care of which now appears to be fake. I want that atleast they should reset my bookings free of charge for a false said by their executive.

3.I was never told I will have to pay extra to change the date or flight timings until the successful completion of my payment. And now they are not ready to change my flight timings also. They want to take extra 500 per person for a lie their executive had told.

4. I was never informed that flight options would be given only 48 hours prior to the departure. He told me I will get after 21 days of making a booking request upto 48 hours before the flight. This doesn't mean always 48 hours before.

I have called up the company 1000s of times but nobody is ready to discuss this. I have even spoken to Supervisor Jitendra who has never got back to me.

I am tired of calling up Alpfly every day and reaching to no result. I have even mailed them and received no response. What I understand is that basically this company is formed to take money from
clients by saying wrong things about their plan and then let the client keep coming to Alpfly. Once the money is in their pockets who cares about the client?

Therefore, I am reaching to the consumer complaint forum to help me out of this situation.


Complainant's Goal: Either refund money in total or reset dates I have booked till now for free
Complainant's Target: Alpfly Private Ltd.
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnataka

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