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Complaint by: on October 15, 2013, 12:25 pm in Career and Employment

I got a call from click2cv executives on 16.09.13 to refund me Rs. 1700/- which I paid to click2employment. This was done due to misguidance of C2E executives saying to provide jobs. After 20 days, click2cv executives called me assured me to refund, they had intentionally insisted me to follow re-direction method which was total faulty or your executives did it to make as much as debit from my account. Every time they tried it and failed (may be intentionally). Now I am facing a loss of Rs. 22,100/- for all these non-sense.
Then I repeatedly communicated to click2cv but no response from their side. After 12 days I got a call from that, they confirmed to refund me money only Rs. 10,200/-(still not refunded) where as they need to refund Rs. 22,100/- the total money was debited by them by misguiding me.
Now they are telling that, I have taken their services. I have not taken their service at all. I have been working in a MNC last 4 yrs. I have more than 5 year’s experiences. Why I will take their service? I am self competent.
I understand, their executives (some of them introduced themselves as managers) are trying to save themselves.
After going through the reviews of this company in various complaint forums; I understand that, this concern is made to cheat people. All these they do intentionally by themselves to sell their foolish non-practical products to the market. Otherwise why they contacted my for refund of Rs. 1700/- on 16.09.13? now i am facing a loss of Rs. 22100/- for fraud concern click2cv.

My conclusion is CLICK2CV.COM people are not at all trustable.

Now you are requested to help me to refund my money.

Waiting for your reply and action.

Abhisek Banerjee

Complainant's Goal: I want my money to be refunded in my account. Rs. 22,100/-
Complainant's Target:
Complaint Location: IndiaWest BengalHooghly
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1 month ago  Nasir Shaikh

Click2cv was a Big Scam, they have taken money from lots of people from 2011 to 2013 and made fools to all the people.