Cache Mercantile - Cheating, Fraudulant, impersonation as SBI Credit Card representative
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Complaint by: Satish Muthiyalu on December 22, 2012, 7:29 pm in Telemarketing

I received a call from +911206406713 at 6:00 PM on 22/Dec/2012 stating that the caller is a representative calling from SBI Credit Card department and told me that SBI is updating my card compulsorily to a high security card and hence for verification took down my 16-digit credit card number, card expiry date, date of birth, and 3-digit CVV code. I was told that the new credit card offers a 25% discount on all purchase and there is an offer from an associate Cache Mercantile wherein I would be required to pay Rs. 6, 999/- for 7 different offers, of which Rs. 4000/- will be reimbursed by Cache Mercantile, and the balance Rs. 2,999/- can be paid in EMIs.

The caller told me that the call would be transferred to the verification department of Cache Mercantile and that the verification executive will inform me that the given card is a discount card from Diners Plus (i.e., not a debit/ credit card). I smelled something fishy and asked him am I given a credit card or discount card. He clearly mentioned that it is a credit card from SBI. I asked about the membership fee and he told that it is a one time fee and valid for lifetime of the card - that is 5 years.

At 6:15 PM on 22/Dec/2012 (about 5 mins after the previous call), I received a call from Cache Mercantile Verification department from the number: +911206405486. The representative, a female, told me about the 7 offers and informed that the card given is a discount card. I told her that I was informed that card is a credit card and I don't want to proceed with the transaction. She reiterated that the card is a discount card and I could opt to end the transaction. I confirmed that I did not want to go ahead with the transaction and ended the call.

I called up SBI Credit Card customer care number immediately and informed about the call. The SBI Credit Card customer care representative informed me that SBI Credit Card department doesn't call the customers and even if they call, they would not ask the customers to provide the Credit card details. My card was blocked and I was asked to raise a complaint at the local police station against the impersonating call from Cache Mercantile.

Telemarketers from Cache Mercantile cheat customers as representatives of SBI Credit card department and fraudulently get credit card details. I believe this is grossly a credit card theft operation. Strong criminal action should be initiated against these fraudsters.

Complainant's Goal: Criminal Action against Cache Mercantile telemarketing for fraud / cheating
Complainant's Target: Cache Mercantile
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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