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Complaint by: PRAKASH on July 12, 2015, 7:26 pm in Business and Finances


I Prakash Kumar Singh resident of Cinema Road, Hajipur-844101, Vaishali, Bihar lodging a complain against Mr Ramiz Nagalekar, CEO of Mobicash India Pvt Ltd, who is defrauding people by alluring Bank of India name & Logo & ZipCash Card Services Pvt Ltd name & violating the terms of RBI Prepaid Instruments Act as well as French Company name on the following bare facts.

1) The commissions & omissions of Mr Ramiz Naglekar is very injurious, detrimental & harmful in public interest. He is defrauding people & minting money by way of wrong method. Any one can check this by visiting their website

2) Without satisfying the norms of Bank of India, Mr Ramiz Naglekar is using Bank of India name & Logo & scamming people by allurment ?

3) Ever BOI, asked Mr Ramiz Naglekar that what are status of their Bank of India CSP points ? Ever asked by what technologies, he'll cater the services of BOI CSP

4) To dupe peoples & mislead Bank Of India, Mr Ramiz claiming that Mobicash is using Tagattitude technology of France. This is out & out wrong claim. I've written evidence from the end of Tagattide's CEO that he has no concern with Mobicash India.

5) By above allurement, I'd taken a Master Distribution of Mobicash India Pvt Ltd for Bihar & Jharkhand and had paid more than Two lakhs to Mobicash by way of Cheques & Demand Draft against Opening Distributor Balance. But unfortunately this amount was never credited in my Distributor Balance account.
Before taking payment, he'd assured me that he'll arrange Bank of India CSP points|locations in Vaishli, Saran & Patna districts in Bihar. But fails to arrange that locations. On question saying that Bank of India working culture is wrong & their staffs are demanding money to allot CSP locations. If I further pay, he’ll arrange that. Having no option left, I’d requested Mr Ramiz to refund my duped money. He flatly refused to refund my amount. In stead of refund, he again allured me that if I start their Recharging & Mobile based payment business, he’ll refund my money gradually. Having no option left over to me, I’d accepted their proposal.

6) I and our clients are frequently facing Server Shut Downs for a long time, Service Deficiencies, No Timely & proper commissions payment, etc, etc On working commission demands- results Locking of Distributor & Agents Id. And by this way he is further duping huge money of Distributor & Agents balance amount. On demand, I can produce black & white evidences against the allegations.

7) Not getting June, 2015 commission till 8th day of July, 2015, on 9th July,2015 as usual I'd sent a demand mail to Mr Ramiz Naglekar to release working commissions of June,2015. Then he released commissions. Consequent there upon, yesterday Mr Ramiz telephonic ally called me at 2.51 PM vide their Cell No 9819510799 and threatened me that never shoot a demand mail for commissions release. On my question- Mr Ramiz flatly says that as and when he feel to pay commission will pay and not feel comfortable will not pay. On my objection & reminding about the earlier undertaking about releasing of commissions - Mr Ramiz threaten to BLOCK my Distributor & all Agents Ids and had told me that he will grab all balance amounts of mine & our Agents. And really Mr Ramiz BLOCKED all Ids. At this time in my Distributor account Rs10,657/ is still credit. Besides, my Rs10,657/ in several Agent Ids huge money is credited as respective Agents working balance. By this way he further duped all money of mine & Agents. Not at all, by this fraudulent commission of Mr Ramiz, various individual customers of Mobicash Wallet users money are also duped.

8) Here it is worth specific to note that before complaining, I'd requested Mr Ramiz to re-think on their commission & omission via WhatsApp but my request become futile

Please look into this matter immediately and take necessary action against the cheater, who is minting money by way of illegal way by alluring Bank of India name, their Logo & oyherwise. Need quick Refunds & exemplary action against the cheater namely Mr Ramiz Naglekar in the interest of peoples.

Best Regards

Complainant's Target: MOBICASH INDIA PVT LTD
Complaint Location: IndiaBiharVaishali

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