Weather Technics - cheating by service technicians
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Complaint by: P R Raghukumar on April 21, 2018, 9:01 pm in Consumer Electronics

Anew type of fraud is being carried out in our society now. This is my personal experience I realised yesterday. My fridge was not working (Godrej). Yesterday I called the customer care centre of Godrej to lodge a request for company technician to come and repair my fridge. The lady at the other end promptly took my address details and assured that they would send a technician to my house and fix the fridge. After sometime I received a call from a "technician " claiming to be from Godrej and asked me the exact address and how to reach my house. I furnished all the details. Like this I received calls from two more technicians for the same details. Around 3 pm two men came on a bike to my place and said they are from Godrej. I had no reason to disbelieve them and took into my house. They checked the fridge in 2 minutes and said some parts are not working. I told them to fix it. In 10 minutes flat they finished the job and gave me a bill for Rs 4600/- I was shocked and asked them to tell what parts they have replaced. They said the "defroster sensor" and a switch near the compressor were replaced. I was not sure whether the parts they replaced were so expensive. They were so small and looked like a pendrive we use in our laptop. they argued and argued for sometime. I had to bargain for reduction in the cost. Very reluctently they reduced by 10%. I told them to make it Rs 4000/-.. They cited company rules and ultimately agreed to take Rs 4000/-. I paid the amount and took their name and cell no. and the bill. After they left I wanted to check with the Godrej customer helpline. I was in shock again. I was told there was no request from my end to get my fridge repaired. They refused to entertain my complaint for excess billing. Not being sure about the cost of the spare parts these technicians charged I checked up on India Mart and other web sites. To my shock again I found that the defroster sensor cost was just Rs 60/- and the swith cost around Rs 40/-. Instead of Rs 100/- I paid Rs 4000/-. I tried calling the cell nos mentioned in the bill. All the time I was getting that the nos were not correct. I tried to contact several times the Godrej company. Ultimately I was told that the firm that sent the technicians were not authorized by Godrej and they are not even franchisee of Godrej. I was also advised to check the ID of the men who come to repair our appliances at home. I learnt a very bitter lesson. I request all of you to be very very careful when you call the customer care centre for any help. There are some fake service firms who send their men to indulge in these types of cheating. I checked about the firm that sent these men on It is clearly mentioned that this firm is doing this type of fraud for quite some time. I am giving the name of this firm here... Weather Technics, No.26/1 Rammaish Main Road, Mathikere, Bangalore 560054, cell nos. 9060020743,9060169244,7892886760. The name of the technician is Shahid. Now I request Police to nab these criminals who are cheating the public.

Complainant's Goal: To prevent these cheats from cheating the public. If cought I may be paid back.
Complainant's Target: Weather Technics
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnataka

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