Finedge Chuttipechutti - Cheating by FinEdge Advisory & Chuttipechutti Mega Deals
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Complaint by: KP Shah on March 22, 2014, 5:13 pm in Vacation and Hotels

A call was came from Finedge Advisory on 02 April-2013. Finedge offered a vacation/holiday package for ICICI credit card holder. They explained that you are given great deal in Rs. 6990. The benefits/rules explained by them are as below:

1) Validity of the membership is one year for two holiday vacations (2 nights & 3 day each) in India & one vacation (2 nights 3 day) abroad. The list of hotels/resorts will be available at site.

2) The offer for one family i.e 2 adults + 2 kids (below 12 years) and 100% transferrable.

3) Hotels/Resorts offered are of 3 star/5 star category

4) One welcome kit will be given which includes CD of finedge Advisory, membership card of chuttipechutti, Information booklet of Chuttipechutti with booking form at the end, one Dining Plus card, two cashback vouchres of Rs. 2000 each which can be reimburshed after vacation by producing original food bill and one gents watch.

5) Booking form will be required to send atleast 30 days in advance along with demand draft of Rs.798 as handling charge for each vacation.

By hearing their offer, I agreed / trapped and accepted the membership and by phone and my creditcard I paid Rs. 6990 on 02/04/2013 to FINEDGE ADVISORY PVT L (Ref no.75503723093002889439266 stated in credit card statement)

After 7-10 days, I received a welcome kit as explained above. My Chutti pe chutti membership card no. is 25126 0313 0314, Dining plus card no. is 42 29714 and Cashback food reimbursement vouchre no. are 1243281/82.

I again received a same type of call again on 1st march-2014 from one lady of Finedge Advisory explaining benefits like hiliday vacation, medical facility etc. Then I said I have already having membership then She said your membership is already over and you should go for new membership deal which is more beneficial than earlier one. But fortunately I reject the same.

Then I call Finedge for using my earlier membership and she explained the procedure and told me the date of expiry of membership i.e. 9th April-2014. She advised me to fill the booking form and send it to Mega deals along with demand draft of Rs.798 for each vacation. She also told that you can send your booking with max. 45 days in advance. She told that filling all 3 locations choices (without hotel name) is compulsory. Accordingly I filled booking form for two vacations and sent it to Mega Deals (Address: 12A, 12th Floor, Gopala Towers, Rajendra Palace, New Delhi-110008. Phone: 011-6648 8101, 6648 2476 to 79) alongwith two DD by Shree Maruti courier service and same was received on 4th March 2014 by Mega Deals. On 11th March 2014, they revert back and returned my two DD with remark "Non availabilty of Rooms nights for the specific dates".

After receiving reply from Mega deals, I called to Pooja of Mega Deals for knowing exact reasons for nonavailabilty. I asked following informations for not confirming my booking:

1) If I am not getting booking then another member should definitely get the booking. Name the person (other member of Chutti pe Chutti Holiday package) who get the booking for locations similar to my choice i.e Lonavala, Pune, Mahabaleshwar. Reply: We donot disclose the informations.

2) Then I asked name the hotels for which I am not getting the booking. Reply: It is difficult to say and we have lots of customers, we can't reply to everyone. Refer our site So again not justifying reply.

3) To whom I contact for my concern ? Reply: We are service provider only to Finedge, so contact Finedge.

I am attaching the relevant document (Booking form and reply of Mega deals) for reference. Then I read numbers of complaints similar to me on net. They never or hardly confirm any booking and reply before 10-15 days of stay date. So customer cannot book any train tickets or booked one has to cancel in such event. They have cheated numbers of customers in the same manner. Evreytime answer is Nonavailability.

I have already lost Rs.6990(initial membership fee) + 50 (DD charge) + 80 (courier charge) + 204 (draft cancellation charge) = Rs. 7324. Iwant to know that to how many persons they offered membership and out of those how many got confirmed booking for holiday vacations. It seems that they are biggest systematic lier. I have strong doubt that they are very tactfully doing this fraud. They may tied-up with very few hotels for very few rooms and make more members so hardly any member can get the confirmed booking. they are cheating persons in a big way.

If they really want to help customer, online booking with availability status at each location should be there. So based on availability of location/date one can book the resort/hotel online without any hastle. If one donot get booking, one has to fill the form and send the same (with new drafts) by courier. Its wastage of time and money every time.

I can send more informations if required.

Complainant's Goal: Other persons should not trapped and loose their hard earned money like me.
Complainant's Target: Finedge & Chuttipechutti
Complaint Location: IndiaGujaratBharuch

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Mon, 02 Feb 2015  puneet garg

Hi same fraud is happened with me.
At the time of taking policy they did not said that it is not transferable.
They state that we r providing very good hotel rating three to five star..they did not mentioned that we have to make choice from three location for booking before 45 days. If we r planning to go to jaipur.we have to book hotels in jaipur can we book another places hotels.
It means we have to plan accoring to them for our vacations..its rediculous....and also then rooms and hotels r not available even we book 45 days before. We wasted our money for demand draft issue and cancallation. They r cheating us its definate.