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Complaint by: sanzaya on February 12, 2011, 1:11 pm in Telemarketing

In continuation with the above complaint , I received a call today ( 12.02.2011, 11.10 am) from number +911204781300 for confirming my details or so to say. The tele executive identified himself to be Akash from BagItToday, a India Today Group Concern. He told me that today they will be refunding Rs 16199 , one of the amount of my transactions for Sony camcoder which letter found out to be transacted for Samsung camcoder. He told me to generate a IOTP in for my creditcard and told the process. I told that I am not going to enter into any transaction, so I donot need it. He told that for refund also I will need a IOTP number. I did generate an IOTP number following the procedure. Then Akash told that he will be connecting to their senior for refund. When the other parson come online he told that they will be sending the diamond to me. I told that since I have cancelled all my order I will not accept diamond. Then he told for refunding my money I have to generate a Booking ID by making transaction of Rs 4998 for a product. I bluntly refused to do the transaction and told , if this is the process of refund than send it to my email so that I will consult a legal expert beofre I make any transaction. He tried to explain me what are bulk email , why he is making a call and more over BagItToday, India Today Group has not the facility to send an individual mail explaning the process of refund which he had just explained. I laughed at his words and told unless he send it by mail, I am not going to transact. He told if I am not making the transaction I will not be getting the refund. I told my bank will take care of it.

So this is how BagItToday, A sister concern of INDIA TODAY group works. Instead of refunding my money they are telling me to buy more for refund? So DOES IT REFLECT THE STATE OF INDIA TODAY GROUP? If true, donot deal with such fraud company, let alone believe in what they tell. Be the fall near for fraud company. Ameen.
My Booking ID are - 110100153, 110100162 and 110100166
Lastly Refund instead of telling.

Complainant's Goal: Getting Refund, Informing others about a Fradulent Group
Complainant's Target: Bag It Today
Complaint Location: IndiaOrissaKoraput

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