Jaipur Traffic police - Bribery and Harassment of outsiders by Jaipur Traffic Police
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Complaint by: Deepali on March 17, 2012, 4:08 pm in Government and Police

Respected Sir/Madam,

I visited Jaipur with 3 friends of mine. Since our car was from Haryana, Jaipur traffic police harassed us too much. With out any reasons Mr. Chanchal Singh in area near City Palace stopped us at 10:00 am and bullied us , telling my friend who was driving that he is drunk. It was pure harassment as that friend of mine does not even touch alcohol. Mr. Chancal Singh also told us that if we don't pay him, he will make a fake case against us and then we have to go to court etc. We were afraid so we paid him 400 Rs. It was a very bad experience and I would suggest tourist to never go to Jaipur by their own car. Also his behavior towards us was very rude. I request you to please look into this and take required action.


Complainant's Goal: Suspend the corrupt traffice police officer
Complainant's Target: Jaipur Traffic police
Complaint Location: IndiaRajasthanJaipur
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1 month ago  Mussarf ali

My name is mussarf, me and my friends plan a trip of Rajasthan punhana to jaisalmer and we started our journey 10 November Friday and night and we all don't know this trip give birth to the fear form police. Date 10 November 2023 time around 2am at night, we reached the Jaipur for dosa and I just crossed the tunnel and police stop as , i asked him way he stop as , so he said you're headlight on high beem i said so what this is not a against the rule so he threatened as and forced me so i give him 200 rupees. Next day 11 November 2023 , Time around 4/4:30pm evening I don't remember the exact location but i crossed the single when it's green and the police man come in front of my car and stop as and said you cross the red signal, i argued but he threatened as said no you cross the red signal, and take my licence and said you fool you can't see the red light, i was quite on that moment, silence is the only ways, you know what Frist he proved that we cross red Singal and then he asked 1000 rupee form as. Sir i must say this was the horrible experience. It's created a fear inside me, and i decide not to come again in Jaipur at any cost. Sir please do something this is not happening with as , jaipur traffic police do the same with all HR ( haryana) number vehicle's, this is not right sir , this is discrimination and you are the responsibile for this . I hope you guys are take it seriously. Sorry but bad experience

Wed, 22 Aug 2012  Rahul Yadav

Date 16/08/2012 Kanota Police Stataion FIR NO- 441 No Action

Fir 16/08/2012 Till date No Action and No Contact

corrupt traffice police officer

No Safe People

Tue, 05 Jun 2012  avinash jog

75%police,mainly PSI and PI ARE OF HARRASING AND GREEDY NATURE.Police can arrest any body,can frame false charges and can ruin life/lives of a person .We do not respect them ,we fear them .When any accident happens ,all involved are in a deep loss ,but investigating police are happy . 25% police are certainly of good character and dedicated .