G.M.. Harindra Rao - Bad behavior of lady TT and Pathetic system
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Complaint by: Jaysree Dutta on August 10, 2018, 1:50 pm in Others

Hello sir,
I am so sorry to bring this in your notice that today morning i had so so bad experience with one of your female railway TT officer,9/8/2018 is expired my quarterly ticket, today 10/8/2018 morning when i arrived baghajatin station i saw the train was on the platform so i thought i will book the ticket on new garia station, when i reached garia your officer want to show my tickets so had explain all the details with him, one of your tt said we have to pay rs.5000 to the railway so you have to give me rs.260. i was like keep saying that i will buy the ticket from garia,i will buy and show it to you.but he was saying for the money. and he didn't go me to anywhere to talk their higher authority. i have paid then i go there to talk to the higher authority,but then a female officer interrupted and taking with me very bad tone,and the higher one standing his head down.
I want to know is that the system to talk like that badly?? is that the system which they have to pay you 5000 per month so they can take money from us for any damn reason?? if the law is for punished us to take tickets on time then why not he allow me to take my tickets from the counter??
This is so bad experience in the morning that rude behavior of the lady TT,the higher authority man standing like guilty,and the TT restricted me to buy the ticket only for the money because he had to give the railway 5000 rs per month.
If they refund me then i will not write this latter to you. But their bad behavior pushed me to write the whole to you.
Jaysree Dutta(********85)

Complainant's Goal: Bad behavior of the lady TT
Complainant's Target: G.M.. Harindra Rao
Complaint Location: IndiaWest BengalSouth 24 Parganas
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