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Complaint by: akash_singh on August 21, 2012, 11:42 am in Career and Employment

Dear Reader,
As I am X-employee of dodsal enterprises I want to inform every reader who see this blog that this company run construction work today in gujrat as it was before blacklisted in india for its poor construction work now again it came. I am not blaming the organisation but due to its poor quality work and bad attitude towards their employee is not let people to work. Now its working with Nuclear power plant in gujrat (KAPP3,4) but as the management is not gud and subcontractor is always be on dodsal head as the petty contractor value dodsal not understand. Secondly, The bloody MD PR. Das always misguide the people who belong from gud organisation try to break the people offering them gud salary pakage but after joing the salary wat they say not give at time & not the amount what was been told and even CBI he arrange in Site who gives each and every report to him means (CHAMCHEE) even office boy also calls MD. and gives report . Now the Project manager Mr. RN JHA his attitude towards the staff is very poor as unculture words as well as not know wat to do and how to do work.
So, be aware if anyone calls from head office and employee appoint in dodsal be sure that job is unsecure as only 1 site is going in india and they appoint as muster roll and anytime throw out from job because only 1man rule thats Mr. PR DAS MD of company. So, before getting into it think twice and go through it

Complainant's Goal: to change the attitude of work and replace rubbish people
Complainant's Target: dodsal enterprises pvt ltd
Complaint Location: IndiaAssamNagaon
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