Sanjay Sarkar - Announcement is not made if trains do not stop at Payradanga stn
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Complaint by: Sanjay Sarkar on February 4, 2018, 11:08 am in Indian Railways

Dear sir, It has been observed that many trains do not stop at "Payradanga Railway Station". As announcement system do not mention that, "this train will not stop at Payradanga station" hence many new passengers fall in trouble and they reach to next station and if T T or T C catches them then they are unable to make Ticket Collector understood what happened and how he reached at the next station. It should be compulsory to announce at Chakdaha Railway Station for U P trains and at "Ranaghat Station" for Down trains that, "This train will not stop at Payradanga Station" "A e train Payradanga darabe na". Similar announcement should be made at all stations. At Sealdah station, display board should display name of stations where the train will not stop. Please upgrade display board at Sealdaha Railway station. Please do it positively.

Complainant's Goal: New passenger should not face problem
Complainant's Target: Sanjay Sarkar
Complaint Location: IndiaWest BengalNadia
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