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Complaint by: amrapali pain on November 25, 2013, 4:30 pm in Real Estate

Worst case happen with me.

I booked a 2BHK flat in Amrapali Village Phase II residential project and as per the builder, the possession is expected in year December 2010.
It has been since the first day, I showed interest to buy a property in Phase II Amrapali project, it was communicated to me by Mr. Neeraj (Marketing executive) and Mr. Atul Shukla (Bank finance Incharge) regarding the fact that the Amrapali Phase II project is approved by three banks including Indian Overseas Bank, Indirapuram Branch.

Mr. Shukla at Amrapali has given me the reference of the Branch Manager of Indian Overseas Bank, Indirapuram branch for loan processing, and confirmed that I can avail the Home Loan from them, as the bank has approved Builder’s Phase II project of Amrapali village. During the process of acquiring the legal report from the lawyer (approved by the bank) for this project, I came to know about the biggest fact that was never communicated to me that: “PHASE II PROJECT OF AMRAPALI VILLAGE NOT APPROVED BY INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK” I spent 5 months running here and there for making the payment to the Builder, but the Builder played a fraud with me.

I was amazed that how can a builder of such repute can use all such tact’s and false statement to promote/sell the project. I got the legal opinion/report for the project from the lawyer and submitted same to the IOB and was told to submit the documents/sale deeds mentioned in the legal report.

Again, I approached Amrapali (Mr. Neeraj and Mr.Shukla) for those documents and handed over the list of required documents to Mr. Neeraj. He told me that it will be available for you after some days and nobody replied back. During the follow-ups for the documents, the behavior and attitude from these guys were like if I done some crime by asking these documents from them. They did their best to convenience me to change the bank. I mean they keep on telling me that, being a government bank IOB will create all sorts of problem and will not give a loan easily (It was shocking, Government Bank is doing all sort of efforts to give loan like Loan mela, Quick Loan, Lower Rate of Interest) so why anyone should pursue from private banks like IDBI or ING Vasya. They were pushing me like they are the representative of the bank and have some personal Interest and not the representative of Amrapali. I have been tortured by the following ways by Amrapali staff: The copies of the title deeds of the property (chain of documents) were never given to me for Home Loan approvals and after repeated requests and visits to Amrapali corporate office every week, an incomplete file was given to me. Such harassment by builder is unbearable.How can a person obtain the Home Loan from any bank without submitting the title documents?
A letter confirming the expected date of possession of the property is not given ever, after repeated requests. Bank is not taking any Loan requests without this letter.How any Bank will give a Loan if the basic details are not provided by the Builder?
Since January 2009, almost every week I spent time and money in visiting Amrapali office for one document or the other and I was forced to approach the private banks for the Loan. It is the responsibility of the Builder to provide the basic documents to the customer.
Why should I take Loan from a private Bank if the same is provided by a nationalized Bank at a cheaper rate. The interst rate differs by 20 to 30 %?Why I have been told that Indian Overseas Bank has approved the Phase II, Amrapali project when it was never approved by the Bank? Now, I request all of you not ever approach Amrapali Group, who will only show you big dreams and you land up with nothing.

Your hard earned money will be used by the Builder as in my case and at the end of the day - you will neither get the flat or your money or interest or anything for the pains taken by you.

Just pass this message to as many people as you can, so that this should not happen with any one in future.

Please make sure before buying any property, because once you have paid money then you can't do anything...

Complainant's Goal: amrapali worest builder in world
Complainant's Target: amrapali
Complaint Location: IndiaArunachal PradeshDibang Valley

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