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Complaint by: amrapali pain on November 25, 2013, 4:44 pm in Real Estate

Amrapali Village Indirapuram - Life on Stake

This happened in night of 3rd Sept 09, the D Block boundary wall came crashing down. More than five cars have been damaged totally. Several Motorcycles and Scooters are buried under the debris. God was merciful, and no lives have been lost.

Please find attached some of the photographs of the terrible incident. God only knows what all we have to go through for making th error of buying a flat in this complex. How much more should we suffer for the builder's poor construction? The builder might compensate for the damaged car. Will any compensation be enough for a loss of life or lives? Do we now wait for that eventuality and only wake up after we loose a near and dear one because of the builder's poor construction.

I would like anybody who is booking their flats in Amrapali Village Indirapuram should see and think before purchasing it.

Life on StakeLife on Stake
Life on StakeLife on Stake

This is horrific. I can not imagine such poor construction by a builder. Amrapali group tells that they are going to invest Rs 15000 crore in next five years and bring IPO. Are they sane? With such poor and cheating contruction quality can they move further? They are going to sink down. Why only Amrapali Village Indirapuram in any society of Amrapali group anyone will never think to purchase a flat after seeing this horrific incident. I have full sympathy with affected people.

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