Railway - Always problem in reaching destination in time, since one year.T No;16594
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Complaint by: Madhukar on February 23, 2012, 10:50 pm in Indian Railways

The Railway minister/ Divisional Railway Managers

Dear sir/madam,
Since the biforcation of Train nos; 16592 and 16594, leaving from Bangaluru, Towards Hampi and Nanded respectively, the Nanded train always there will be some or other problem in reaching to Raichur/ Yadgir and etc. it should reach Yadgir by 09:20am but it never reached
in time. It normally reaches by 11:00/ 11:30am.

why is the delay, no security in train, After Yadgir no one is there to check tickets and from, Nalwar to Zahirabad many will travel without ticket, if found ticketless they will give some money to TT.

Reserved passenger has to suffer even after night to sit /sleep. no clean. as far as I know, this train 16594 /16593 are worst train to travel by. Hope you will improve service and maintain time.

Complainant's Goal: Cleanliness & Pucntuality
Complainant's Target: Railway
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnataka
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2 months ago  Shiva

The worst Train is 16494 &16593 there is no punctuality of train running status and reached to destination always more than 1:30 mins.