AAA teleshopping pvt. ltd - AAA Teleshoping should be banned
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Complaint by: on April 5, 2015, 5:53 pm in Annoying Commercials

My Father has ordered No Piles medicine from AAA Teleshopping after viewing their advertisement on TV. While delivering the medicine they guaranteed 100% cure. But after the medicine when the result was zero, they suggested another kit of No Piles medicine. After the 2nd kit finished now when I asked as their was no result. They replied "your father has not followed correct procedures and we are not responsible for that. You have not paid so much money that we can ensure your health got well after consuming our medicine". When I asked for the details of the doctor who prepares/ sales the medicine. They didn't give me any information. I think they are totally fraud and selling wrong thing to earn money. Their advisement leads many helpless people to buy their products. However, their product is having no cure. I don't know they are selling medicine are just something something inside it. They are charging more than enough for the medicine but while asking for the support, they are acting like we are in fault and they have given the correct medicine/support. Their license/ products should be banned and they are to be fully restricted from giving advertisement. The TV Channel organizers should understand that any show published in their channel not only earn them money but many innocent people go in the way showed by the channel. AAA Teleshoping may selling poison instead of medicine. TV Channels are same responsible as AAA Teleshopping because they have cooperated AAA Teleshoping to make the people act as the companies want. Kindly resolve the issue and suitable reply to be asked from AAA Teleshopping on the issue. Thank You

Complainant's Goal: The license/ products of AAA Teleshopping to be banned and refund of my money
Complainant's Target: AAA teleshopping pvt. ltd
Complaint Location: IndiaKeralaThiruvananthapuram

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