ZNAPKART ONLINE SERVICES PVT LTD - Unblock all Login Ids of Jharkhand
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Complaint by: Mobile House on December 7, 2017, 1:19 am in Online Shopping

Why you have blocked all IDs of Jharkhand without any reason in which huge money of Distributors & Retailers have been blocked,
And also what happen to deliveries pending from last 50-60 days
Do you have any answer
Also all employees of jharkhand ids are blocked by you,
Near about 30 lakhs you have kept with you and employees are facing problem as they are not able to contact with company
You all are also not receiveing calls of your employees,

Does your work finished in jharkhand and now you are trying to make fools in other states
Beware of it you all guys they will do the same with you all

For confirmation you call any employee or distributor or dealer of jharkhand you will get all updates

I will update some mobile numbers of jharkhand team in next 2 days as I want to give this company some time to respond and restart all IDs

Mobile House

Complainant's Goal: Online Scam
Complaint Location: IndiaJharkhandRanchi

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yesterday  Mobile House

So dear ZNAPKART you have kept our accounts in frozen & On hold na,no issue keep it frozen for life time but send our money back to our bank accounts today as it is not yours father in laws money and don't waste our time as it's your work to do fraud and then fight we have lots of work to do.

And second thing is that if your sever is being hacked by someone so easily they why should others trust you and send you his money
some day you will tell them the same thing and cheat them too

Next is that can you share the details of case which you filed in jharkhand about being hacked by someone

Freinds don't trust this fraud company
They will cheat you and will give this silly excuses
Is it not the responsibility of company to give back all money transferred by jharkhand team

And you have only one server which are being hacked by some one so easily (according to you)
So how can say that all your clients money are safe and whats the gurantee on there money.

And STOP THIS BULL..... and send back our money

Process of filing case already started in jharkhand and cyber crime department is looking after it

Hyderabad team all filed case against them and they are also looking for company's officials

And Dear ZNAPKART you know what you have don't to jharkhand team they all will come with us.
Don't fake people with wrong commitments

Return our money today

5 days ago  Znapkart Services

Dear Maggidi Anil, Mohd Maqsood Ali cum (Sohail) & Prasanth -Who used Kiran Name in IComplaints,

Listen folks Its completely fraudulent you folks are doing.Just mind your words when you even creating some fake comments & complaints. Its reviewed by all our technical team & Legal team over your fake postings. Dont get caught also under this malpractice stuffs too.

Please to inform to Mr.Kiran - Zonal Sales Manager to take care on this serious issue where your name is getting used and spoiled in market. Our sincere support will be there for you in this case but get rid of this.

Znapkart Support team.

5 days ago  N. C Kiran

Hi all this is N.C kiran not Kiran, I am working as a zonal Sales manager in Znapkart Hyderabad I am informing that some one using my name for blaming Znapkart Online Services so don't believe that rumors about company, company is in Chennai only I visited twice in a month and met with the people of company persons received very good in office

Once again I am telling you guys don't blame me and company

N. C Kiran

5 days ago  Znapkart Services

Dear Mobile House Concern,

As we already discussed about this to respective person from your end and through our employ in Jarhkand, There is a some Technical fraudulent happening in your region where we filled a cyber crime case and its under process which we already shown specific proof with complaint number.

Those kind of hacking and fraudulent happening and as per our investigation & verification, its been confirmed that its very much secured ad tightened in our end whereas those misuse happen in Jharkand end DB Account & Employ Account.So at this point of time your account is been frozen & On-Hold.We making our portfolio across India in which we facing zero issue except Jharkand. Please do stop posting irrelevant comments and complaints that affects Companies portfolio.

Znapkart Support team.

5 days ago  kiran

The company has taken 20 lack from us to provide stocks in 7 days now its almost 2 months but no stock and no response

We feel we are scammed by znapkart.com please be careful

We tried contacting via customer care facebook all option are disabled by them

Be careful be safe this is 100% scam

im the zsm for hyderabad and ceo sriram basted is cheated

i have all the company details i will share all the employees numbers

sriram ceo donkey - 08546877308

raja sales head monkey - 09710323856

kumar dog 07996887377

sowjanya pig 07846961393

hr venkatesh stupid - 08746826964

sri ram pan number AEZPU1886M2ZB

i visited office also and there is no office all r cheated me in Chennai office and we r filed FIR in hyderabad